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Transform your business with Visual Selling. The ATLATL Visual product brings you best in class Visual Configuration to enhance your buyer's experience. Elevate your Commerce, CPQ, or ERP platform today and see the power of Visual.

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What is ATLATL Visual?

ATLATL Visual is a 3D Visual Product Configuration software that can stand alone or work to elevate the performance of your existing Commerce, CPQ, or ERP platforms.

Our Visual software has the unique ability to handle even the most complex product systems because we are able to translate your product rules into a visual representation of configurable product. This allows you to show potential customers a true-to-scale and technically sound visual representation of your product in physical space. Now, your teams can show customers what they’ll be purchasing, building trust and saving time.

How it Works

We work with our clients to create 3D representations of their products complete with product rules and logic all accounted for. Using the precise specifications provided, our customer's are able to fully configure their products or systems with complete accuracy.

Through intuitive, step-guided processes and easy to use touch, tap, and drag methods, sales professionals are able to configure even the most complex product systems right from their laptop or tablet.

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Don't Make Your Customer Guess Spatially oriented products and solutions can be hard for potential customers to visualize on their own or on paper. ATLATL Visual enables you to show custom configurations for complex products instead of explaining them.
Don't Waste Your Customer's Time A rules-engineered backend eliminates strenuous back and forth between engineers and sales, shortening the sales cycle and empowering your sales team to be self-reliant when it comes to quoting complex solutions.
Don't Lose Out on Potential Sales Innovating your sales process enables your team to help grow your business by making complex products more accessible to potential customers during the sales process.

Customers Who Have Seen the Difference

User friendly solution for tracking sales.

I really like the ease of use and how it allows you to customize any part number and pricing without a lot of effort. So may ways to use this and keep track of the sales in the pipeline. This will greatly help our outside and inside crews work together with fewer emails and phone calls on a daily basis.

Great Sales software

I like how easy it is to email or print out a quote for a customer. Everything includes pictures and descriptions of our product so there is no confusion on what we are offering, what the customer needs, and what they will receive.

Quoting on the go has never been easier!

Finally having my product line and pricing on the go has increased my ability to quote and respond in a whole new way!

Manufacturer who empowers our distributors to sell our engineered products more efficiently.

Visual renderings and measurements provide a superior buying experience to the customer. Accurate pricing, BOM, and application dimensions provide more confidence to the Sales team/distributors

Atlatl makes the best visual configurators out there.

Atlatl is very easy to work with. Their staff makes themselves available to us whenever we need them. They do a good job of interpreting our business to provide us the service that we need. The design cadence is very quick.

Atlatl Quotebooks and Configurator is an amazing tool!! I love it!!

The thing i like best about Atlatl is definitely the Visual CPQ configurator and how this information spills over into a quote very easily without any additional work for me. I also love that the drawing is completed for me and labeled. This makes for a very professional quote and drawing in a shorter amount of time.

Great addition to any salesforce

This software has allowed our sales team to quote customers instantly on the spot while meeting with clients. There is no more "I will get a quote to you by the end of the day". It is now instantaneous which has lead to increased sales and new customers.

Easy and Professional Quoting Solution

Trying to find an easy to use solution other than Microsoft Word or Excel to generate proposals was a challenge. I also needed the ability to be able to quote from any of my devices. QuoteBooks was able to fulfill theses needs.

Easy to use. Love the detail in the quotes I can send

Easy to use when trained on it. The quotes are very detailed and looks professional. I love the fact you can download your contacts and they are there for future quotes. You can see where all your customers are on the map.

Product Details

Custom Quotes In Minutes

Traditional engineer-to-order quotes can take weeks to build. Our intuitive, easy-to-use 3D configuration tools are changing that. Now, you can bring together dynamic 3D tools, ERP and CRM integrations to visually customize complex specs right in front of your customers.

  • Rules-based and step-guided configuration processes break through traditional engineering bottlenecks
  • Built for ease of use and fluid modification. If you can use a Smartphone, you can visually configure, price and quote on our platform.
  • Your customers will see what they’re buying in 3D and in real time, improving your sales velocity and maximizing the buying experience.

How To Use AR

Buyers naturally visualize their purchase before they buy. This internal experience can now be a point of collaboration as we bring their configuration to life. While in the environment both buyer and seller can discuss the spatial fit.

Learn more about AR
  • Complex products can be shown and configured easily, making your company attractive to manufacturers, dealers and distributors.
  • Augmented Reality enables you to show custom configurations for complex products instead of explaining them.
  • Ability to collaborate allows quotes to get out the door faster so your sales pipeline stays strong and mitigates delays.

Customer Facing Visualization

Give your customers a full visual experience through our bCommerce® feature. We will work with you to bring visual configuration to life on your customer facing website, creating a branded experience that differentiates you from the competition. 


  • We work with your team to understand the experience you want to provide to your customers and how they will want to visualize and configure your product
  • bCommerce® is a great way to create a self-service experience to inspire and educate your customers
  • bCommerce® is also a great way to generate leads and move people towards successful product purchases

Add Engineering to Your Sales Toolbox

We work with your team of product managers and engineers to understand your product-specific engineering rules to build them into our Rules Engine. The information in the backend powers the accuracy and speed for our software to produce sales-ready visuals.

Learn more about Rules Engine
  • Visualizations that are technically accurate and represent real engineering rules increases the buyers confidence in their selections
  • Time saved in freeing up support resources can now be re-allocated to higher value customers or towards new product development & process improvement
  • With rules-engine support, users are shielded from mistakes and guided toward producing accurate configurations. This allows a rep to work more independently and faster than even before

Sales-Ready Visualization At Your Fingertips

Sales approval drawings enhance the quoting experience and its success. Atlatl enables dynamic visualization shortening sales cycles, increasing accuracy and speed to quote. With Atlatl, Customers can quickly visualize the key points within configurations.

  • Eliminates reliance on engineering team to create sales approval drawings and configurations
  • Seamlessly display high-level views and dimensions on sales approval drawings and automatically add to quote

We Understand Your Business

And we're here to help you innovate your sales process to edge against the competition. We specialize in visualizing products in these verticals

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