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The Power of 3D Visualization

Atlatl Visual + Oracle CPQ

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Add the Industry-Leading Visual Configurator to Your Oracle CPQ Platform

Atlatl Software was created for manufacturers, by manufacturers. This unique perspective allowed us to build a platform capable of handling even the most complex product systems. In partnership with Oracle, Atlatl Software now offers this exciting new technology to manufacturers using Oracle CPQ.

Why Atlatl Visual?

Visual product configuration is the cutting edge in manufacturing sales.  2D quoting is no longer sufficient.  Adding Atlatl Visual to your Oracle CPQ solution gives you the opportunity to harness the speed and accuracy of our 3D Visual Configurations. Better yet, you can view these in augmented reality with our Config2AR™ solution.

Benefits include:

Real-time 3D configurations without refreshing or rendering lag

Improved order speed and accuracy with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Easily output your designs into 2D and 3D dynamic drawings

Seamless CAD integration

Configure in 3D

Oracle Mock

Visualize in Augmented Reality


Real-Time 3D Configurations

Real-Time 3D visuals integrate directly with your Oracle CPQ Cloud platform.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Visual configurations improve the speed and accuracy of your quoting process.

Generate 2D and 3D Dynamic Drawings

Directly output your visual configuration into 2D and 3D dynamic drawings for approval.

Integrate With 3D CAD Platforms

Atlatl Visual integrates directly with the 3D CAD platforms in your workflow.

Atlatl Visual FAQs

  • Can this handle engineer-to-order (ETO) quotes?

    Absolutely.  Atlatl Software provides the only visual configuration experience capable of handling the complex needs of engineer-to-order manufacturing quotes.

  • How complicated is the integration process?

    Atlatl's implementation team is dedicated to making integrations and implementation as easy and painless on you as possible.  Atlatl Visual specifically requires our team to develop the artwork and design files that go into the configurator.  If there are engineering rules that must be implemented, that is provided by our implementation team up-front.

  • Does this work within Oracle CPQ, or is it separate?

    Atlatl Visual integrates within Oracle CPQ to provide a single window experience during the configuration process. Oracle CPQ will drive the selection process while Atlatl Visual dynamically provides visual feedback on those selections. 

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