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  • What is QuoteBooks Cloud?

    QuoteBooks Cloud offers natively integrated Visual Configuration, CPQ, and CRM applications for multi-channel manufacturing sales. No other manufacturing specific sales platform better facilitates the manufacturer-dealer sales relationship. Manufacturing companies and their dealers leverage the QuoteBooks Cloud product suite (QuoteBooks CRM, CPQ, and/or Visual CPQ) for an end-to-end, connected sales channel.

  • What is Atlatl Enterprise Technologies?

    Atlatl Enterprise Technologies is Atlatl's core platform and foundational IP for our entire product suite. It has a multi-tiered architecture that’s modular and flexible enough to meet the highly diverse needs of our customers while, at the same time, adhering to the standards of best-in-class enterprise cloud services.

  • How do I get QuoteBooks?

    Please contact our team for a demo and to discuss the best options for your company. Click the 'Learn More' botton below and we will reach out ASAP.
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  • What are the different QuoteBooks Cloud options and which do I need?

    QuoteBooks CRM Cloud-based sales tool for manufacturers and their distributors to accurately quote, track, and manage their entire sales process.
    QuoteBooks CPQ Step guided product configuration based on your engineering rules. Easily configure products in real time. Accurately associate part level pricing. Generate real-time compelling quotes.
    QuoteBooks Visual CPQ Immersive 3D Configuration experience empowering collaborative selling and closing the gap between sales and engineering.

    See our product chart for more info HERE.

  • Do you have a free trial?

    We do not offer a free trial at this time but we'd love to show you our products. We are happy to hop on a call, talk through use cases specific to your business, and show you how the QuoteBooks suite of products can help your sales channel. Use our Request A Demo form (botton below) or email our sales team at info@atlatlsoftware.com to schedule a demo.
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  • What does it cost?

    QuoteBooks Cloud products can vary in their specific application for your sales channel. Tell us more about your particular use case and we are happy to share high-level pricing. Please contact a sales specialist for more information.

  • What kind of success have other companies seen after implementing QuoteBooks Cloud products?

    On average, our customers see a 24% increased sales efficiency, $4M annual sales growth, and $1M+ quoting mistakes eliminated.

  • What is Visual CPQ?

    Visual CPQ is an interactive and immersive 3D experience for configuring products in real time. Engineering-accurate configurators take product configuration off engineering’s desk and into sales’ hands. Salespeople collaboratively create 3D product configurations with built-in engineering rules and produce quotes. Learn more about Visual CPQ here.

  • How is QuoteBooks CPQ and Visual CPQ different from other CPQ software?

    QuoteBooks is the only sales platform built for manufacturers, by manufacturers. We created tools specifically for the complex sales processes of manufacturing companies and their distributed sales channels. We’re the first to streamline and automate the sales process so that you can instantly translate rules-driven, 3D and AR configurations into quotes. 

    Learn more about QuoteBooks CPQ here.
    Learn more about QuoteBooks Visual CPQ here.

  • How many people use Atlatl Software products?

    1200+ active users quote $3B in products annually using Atlatl's product suite.

  • What is digital maturity?

    Digital maturity:
    1. Recognizing the changing technological landscape our businesses operate in today.
    2. Investing in new technologies to modernize and optimize operations.
    3. Embracing digital transformation within our organizations.

  • Why do I need to be digitally mature?

    Companies that rely on legacy sales processes and applications underperform their digitally mature counterparts by 34% Click here to learn how.

  • How is sales changing?

    We're selling in a new and fundamentally different sales technology ecosystem. Applications are empowering salespeople to sell physical products better and faster. Integrated applications have been replaced with technology like augmented reality and virtual 3D tools.

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