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Trends in Commerce to Pay Attention To

January 29, 2020

CMS Wire recently posted an article stating their Top 10 Trends in eCommerce for 2020. We thought it was an interesting list and wanted to elaborate on it more. 

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Rapid Fire with ATLATL's Product Owner, Emma Rastatter

January 23, 2020

[To give you a sense of what we’re busy working on over here at ATLATL HQ in Charleston, we sat down with our Product Owner, Emma Rastatter, for a quick Q&A.]

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Is Buyer Friction Killing Commerce?

January 15, 2020

Reducing Buyer Friction

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Digital: Test Drives & Twins

January 13, 2020

Imagine that for years, you’ve wanted to buy a motorcycle. You’ve thought about it, shopped casually every now and then, but it was never something you were serious about... until now. And so you flip open your laptop or start searching on your smartphone. Your results return a number of brands touting their latest models with slick features and stylized designs. But immediately you’re stuck with a dose of reality… 

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We’ve put together a package for anyone working with the Atlatl Brand. It contains all the parts of our brand identity: product logos, wordmarks and our brand logomarks. For rules about how to use them, check out our brand guidelines.

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For media, analyst, and speaking inquiries, please contact us at marketing@atlatlsoftware.com. 

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