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What does ATLATL even do?

By Nolan Slattery | July 18, 2019

We get this questions a lot so we're breaking it down for you in 500 words or less. 

ATLATL Software is a manufacturing specific visual configuration software that streamlines the sales process by providing our customers’ sales team with engineering logic through menu-driven, step guided workflows for accelerating complex quoting processes. We seek to resolve lengthy and outdated quoting processes seen across several verticals within the manufacturing industry while also providing full channel visibility allowing your company to scale up. Traditionally in manufacturing, sales teams work closely with the engineering department to try and get quotes out the door, a process that requires copious amounts of man hours and revisions, resulting in costly quotes, numerous entry errors and limited opportunities for company advancement both internally and externally.

ATLATL’s QuoteBooks CPQ and Visual tools enable sales team to quote highly complex and configurable products in a matter of minutes as opposed to days or even weeks, without heavy reliance on the engineering department. Once a customer has successfully quoted a product using ATLATL's platform, they are immediately provided with a bill of materials as well as accurate pricing and drawings. Not only do these tools account for the complexity of the products themselves but for the external environment surrounding them such as obstructions and job site limitations. Being able to configure products that physically fit in the desired space is extremely powerful for sales velocity, customer confidence and engineer time savings.

This independence for sales through ATLATL Visual yields faster and more accurate quotes which allows your sales team to increase their number of opportunities with higher win rates increasing top line revenue. For potential customers who already have an existing backend CPQ tool, ATLATL can embed a visual configurator on their company website (bCommerce) giving your company a customer facing tool that generates inbound quotes for your sales and engineering teams. These features cause of shift in your company from selling to a customer to providing an interactive customer buying experience that differentiates your company in the market.


These time efficiencies are cross departmental and are felt on the company’s bottom line through the freeing of engineering time and resources. These savings in time and resources allow your company to invest in new product/process improvements and innovations across departments. Not to mention being able to increase revenue and differentiate from the competition.

Finally, one problem that is commonly faced with highly customizable product quoting is that customers don’t feel confident without being able to visually see what the end result will be. With ATLATL's visual tools not only does the customer experience improve because they can visually see the end product, but it increases their confidence in the company and ultimately improves customer retention and conversion rates.

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