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What's the ATLATL rules engine? We're glad you asked!

By Chris Beaudin | August 26, 2019

As a manufacturer of complex products, you know the costly consequences of product configuration and/or pricing errors. One small misstep can set you back weeks, decreasing customer confidence, burdening resources, and increasing costs. 

Rather than expending your valuable time and resources to catch those errors, a rules engine, like the ATLATL Rules Engine, can do it for you. 

A rules engine is critical for streamlining the sales process by equipping your sales team with powerful product and pricing rules. This creates independence between sales and the support resources they often need to call on. Not only have you freed up valuable resources, but the result is faster, more accurate selling experiences which improves overall satisfaction. But, how does it work?    

Think of a rules engine like an ‘if-then’ statement. The ‘if’ contains the conditions, while the ‘then’ statement contains the coordinating actions needed to solve it. For example, imagine a user making configurations to a product or a system design. As they do, the engine responds accordingly. If they select a certain option, other options are enabled or disabled. If they adjusted a dimension, items would be added or removed to meet the needs of this dimension. These responsive adjustments ensure accuracy in the product configuration process. 

This accuracy extends to pricing as well as the system has an accurate assessment of what has been included in the configuration. The user can be empowered to price and quote precisely. This pricing will be based on set parameters or can require the user to seek approvals according to the scenario. 

Making all this happen can seem like an overwhelming process. To ensure your success, we work closely with your team to understand your company’s product and pricing rules. Having that repository of knowledge allows the system to design a step-driven process that leads your sales team throughout configurations. 

Have more questions or want to learn more about how we can put the ATLATL Rule Engine to work for your organization, connect with us today!

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