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Manufacturing Sales Blog

Learn sales strategies from our team, customers, partners and industry leaders.

3 Steps to Eliminating Your Manufacturing Sales Process Bottlenecks

With Industry 4.0 in full swing, we’ve seen the manufacturing industry change like never before. Alongside the power shift from manufacturers to consumers, buyer persona demographics are changing, customer expectations are rising and business values reconstructed. The days of prioritizing simply selling your products are long gone; it’s all about enhancing your production value, customer relationships, and buying experience.

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Overcoming Barriers

The sales team here at Atlatl HQ has been studying the book Do Big Things and applying the lessons we learn to our weekly meetings. This has given our team a great pulse to start the week and I felt today’s lesson on Overcoming Barriers was worth sharing.

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Sales Process Improvement is the Next Step for Industry 4.0



In the era of email, the manufacturing sales industry is still writing letters

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CPQ for Manufacturers - Painting a Picture


Allow me to paint you a picture...


Imagine one of your dealers or outside sales reps sitting down with an end user to discuss a potential order. For years, this sales process has worked the same way...

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Tuesday Tips with Taylor Volume 9

This week I want to focus on differentiation. Many internal and external discussions we've had recently center around one main question:

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Tuesday Tips with Taylor (volume 8)

The presentation is where the deal lives and dies.

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Tuesday Tips with Taylor (volume 7)

Nothing good in life happens with a negative attitude.

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