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Pains and Solutions

We released an infographic today that details the pains that manufacturers and distributors are experiencing today in their sales process. We highlight how our product can help you alleviate these with our sales enablement suite. We've heard you so we have crafted our product specifically for these challenges.

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Should you build or buy your sales solution? (infographic)

The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing and frantically trying to adjust to the new landscape that has been dubbed "Industry 4.0." Companies are choosing different ways to adapt, but at the beginning of the process of this digital transformation, most companies always ask the same question: "Should I buy an existing solution or should I build it internally?" There's a lot of debate about whether one route is better than the other, but in our latest infographic, we break down the pros and cons for building versus buying a solution.


Here are the key areas to think about before you make the decision for your company. 

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