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October 18, 2018

The Power of Visual. It’s quicker, more convenient, and it simply makes sense.

In today's world, visuals have become an essential part of all operations throughout all  industries. Consumers have begun to expect any process to be seamless and... Read More
July 27, 2018

3 Steps to Eliminating Your Manufacturing Sales Process Bottlenecks

With Industry 4.0 in full swing, we’ve seen the manufacturing industry change like never before. Alongside the power shift from manufacturers to consumers, buyer persona... Read More
July 23, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Manufacturing Configure, Price, Quote

QuoteBooks CPQ is a manufacturing-specific tool for rules-based product configuration, accurate pricing, and efficient quoting. But when it comes down to it, what are the... Read More
July 18, 2018

What is Visual CPQ? I'm glad you asked...

To start, you should know that Visual CPQ is an Atlatl-coined term. You may have heard of  CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions. While the two may seem similar, Visual... Read More
July 9, 2018

Visual Configurator Specifically for Oil and Gas Manufacturing

It’s no secret that Oil and Gas Manufacturing is an industry faced with complexities and demands of multi-dimensions. In an industry that covers full-stream operations,... Read More
April 25, 2018

Everything Manufacturers and Distributors Need To Know About CRM Software

What is CRM Software?   CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As Investopedia puts it, CRM is actually “principles, practices and guidelines” that companies... Read More
April 24, 2018

What is the Best CRM Software for Manufacturers?

Quotebooks CRM is the Only CRM Built for Manufacturers by Manufacturers It's no longer a question of whether or not you need a CRM for manufacturing sales. It's a matter... Read More
April 24, 2018

Atlatl QuoteBooks Cloud: A "Sales Force Automation" Ecosystem

  Born From Pain To think of Atlatl's QuoteBooks Cloud as a typical CRM or CPQ solution like some of the bigger names in the space would be to misunderstand who Atlatl is,... Read More
April 20, 2018

The Merits of a Cloud-Based CPQ for Manufacturing and why On-premise is Dead

Cloud software has taken the computing world by storm in the last decade, though it has existed for much longer than that. Simply put, cloud-based software is software... Read More
April 20, 2018

Why Most CRM Systems Aren't Enough for Manufacturers

What does digital maturity look like for manufacturers in 2018? Read More
April 20, 2018

3 ways to derive ROI from implementing Manufacturing Sales 4.0 Tech

1. Increase in Annual Revenue Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) or quoting specific CRM solutions are aimed at rendering a currently cumbersome manufacturing sales process... Read More
April 20, 2018

A Fully Integrated CPQ Solution: Critical for Manufacturers

For manufacturers, sales enablement software comes in the form of CRM, CPQ, 3D configurator, and, eventually, Augmented and Virtual Reality configurator solutions. These... Read More

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