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The Driving Force Behind B2B Sales

The future of B2B sales is driven by simplifying the complex through digitalization. Armed with technology, the sales process is moving from a traditional, time-consuming cycle to an easy, cost-effective method with global reach.

According to Accenture, B2B buyers are already 57%  through the buyer’s journey before contacting a sales rep. What does this mean for manufacturers? It means it’s time to bring the antiquated sales processes to the web.

In the age of Amazon, customers have increasingly higher expectations when it comes to shopping. Buyers want an all-access pass to products and services, anytime, anywhere.

The best way to meet these new standards is through an omnichannel experience. This approach must be built around the idea of self-service, accompanied by configurable products and the most detailed product content possible. The quality of an omnichannel approach relies on the level of transparency provided. 

As the old saying goes, seeing is believing, and that’s exactly what customers want. The most crucial aspect of an omnichannel experience is the visualization technology that lets users configure products and see them in physical spaces. 

The ability for customers to move away from static, 2D flat imagery to make product decisions dramatically improves their capability to see and understand their purchase. An interactive, configurable 3D product representation allows the customer to feel at ease that what they’re seeing is what they’re buying. 

It’s easy for customers to lose confidence when it comes to buying expensive, customized products. For salespeople, gaining and retaining that trust is essential. Keeping customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do, we found a way to ensure customer confidence every step of the way. With ATLATL Visual, we bring AR and 3D technology to the forefront of B2B sales. 

Customers need to see their products come to life, and Visual does exactly that. With our in-house technology, we give users an intimate view of their product from wherever they are. Whether it’s from the office or the couch, users can see their products come to life. The most important aspect of any omnichannel experience is visualization. 

Ready to give your customers an omnichannel experience? Click here to learn more about how Visual can get you there. 

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