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The Contactless Economy

By Christina Burnley | June 15, 2020

2020 is the year of disruption. COVID-19 has forced companies to reevaluate their strategies as they overcome the current economic crisis. As our economy emerges after months of standstill, what will the new normal look like?

The Contactless Economy

Prepare to see a rise of the contactless economy. To alleviate the health risks that come with close contact, companies have tailored their business models to put healthy distance between customers and in-store experiences. These adaptations prioritize investments into digital commerce solutions as more consumers opt to shop from their screens rather than stores. 

DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OF THE MODERN VISUAL CONSUMERIndustries recognize the permanence of change caused by COVID-19 with effective business leaders prioritizing the re-creation of in-store experiences, virtually, using the power of visual technology. 

As physical distance grows between the buyer and in-store purchases, businesses must tailor their buyer’s journey to the Visual Consumer. Those that successfully break through physical limitations will see that digital offerings give customers the opportunity to make products their own. 

In today’s digital environment, customers want to self serve online as much as possible. To turn browsers into buyers, shoppers must feel the same confidence they would with in-store product interactions. No matter the quality, static imagery isn’t enough to fuel purchases because it only provides a limited perspective. With 3D Visualization, your buyers can virtually interact and customize the product offerings to their specifications. Once customized, customers can see products up close and in detail using ATLATL’s Visual technology. 

With more people shopping from their screens, it’s crucial to give customers a site experience equipped with the tools they need to reduce friction throughout the buyer’s journey and increase transactions. 

In today’s contactless economy, create impactful buying experiences for your buyers with the insurance of Visual. Click me

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