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Seeing is Buying: Unlocking the power of digital commerce in B2B through Visualization

Today’s B2B customers have unique needs that require unique product configurations. To give your buyers the best buying experience, companies must shift from their standard sales processes to an experience that offers the feeling of greater customization with better communication. 

This shift is needed because as the configuration of products becomes more complex, it’s easy to lose a customer’s confidence amidst the sea of available options. To prevent this loss in confidence, and inevitably, a loss in sales, companies must prioritize more relatable buying experiences. 

In today’s market, customers are no longer satisfied with traditional, 2D digital shopping experiences. When it comes to product selection, buyers want a guarantee that they are getting exactly what they paid for. Now more than ever, it’s critical to provide customers with the most detailed product content possible. 


As vCommerce drives market trends, Atlatl understands the value of implementing AR and 3D into the B2B sales process. That’s why ATLATL created bCommerceTM, a web-driven, customer-facing 3D Visual Configurator. Our product takes all the benefits of vCommerce, while enabling B2B Commerce through visual configuration. 

With our innovative web-enabled technology, users can experience the power of 3D visual configuration directly, in the comfort of their own homes, offices, or job sites. Our product gives customers the ability to create a personalized buying experience for their prospective clients, all in one space. 

Furthermore, bCommerce™ equips companies with the necessary tools to sell complex, customized products with ease. By giving buyers the visibility they need. 

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