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Rapid Fire w/ ATLATL’s Chief Growth Officer, Justin Scott

By Whitney Robinson | June 4, 2019

[We sat down with our new Chief Growth Officer, Justin Scott for a quick Q&A to give you a deeper look at our new team member.]

“Change is inherently good. Change helps us to grow.”

Justin was born in the south and raised in FL. He attended the University of Florida (when the Gators were winning lots of football games). During his sophomore year, professors increasingly started communicating through email. This inspired a curiosity about the evolution of technology and the empowerment that it could impact on the decision-making process.

“Growing up we were told to go to the library if you were seeking information, but now we have limitless information at your fingertips. That's incredibly powerful.”

He graduated from UF with a degree in Nutrition with a Microbiology specialization - with the plan for dental school. But he quickly realized that path was not for him - he enjoyed learning the science but realized the application was running a business like everything else.  

He feels fortunate to have been entering the job market at the birth of the consumer internet and what that opportunity taught him about how fast technology changes industry.

“I thought it would be a good idea to get digital experience after the bubble burst. So 5 days after graduation I moved to NYC - I was interested in the big city experience.”  

Justin started his career as an account executive for Smart Money Magazine. This was his first time in a sales role and was excited for the challenge. He was almost immediately given large amounts of responsibility and had to figure it out. Through this position, he realized he was super interested in the democracy of information. “Empowering buyers/consumers with information, that was historically held by gatekeepers was exciting. You had the ability to look at your stocks and make your own judgments instead of having to go through a broker.”

This thinking led him to his next stop, Zillow. “At the time only 6 months old - but an incredible idea; empower buyers with information for their largest purchases, a home.” He was Zillow's first account executive and opened up their New York office. He stayed with the company for about 7 years through a variety of functions and was fortunate to be part of their journey.

“I got to learn from the best. I learned how to run a digital business”

His interest then shifted to networks - social media had gotten big and he was excited for what network effects could do for your interests. This led to him joining a company called Tumblr -  a home for creators to display art and build an audience. There he served as the Vice President of Brand Strategy.  He stayed with them for over 2 years through the acquisition by Yahoo. His next stop was FiscalNote - where he got to help level the playing field for companies in the lobbying arena, something he was passionate about for companies that were disrupting big business.

All of this brought him to Charleston, and eventually ATLATL.

Q: What brought you to Charleston?

“The startup I am most passionate about is my family and this environment was the best for my wife and I’s next chapter and my son and daughters first chapter. I came from a small town and I felt like I’d seen the big city and really wanted to be part of a smaller, emerging tech community. Somewhere I could continue learning and share my experiences and hopefully build more jobs in a town who has the appetite. I moved with no set plans other than I wanted to be here and work hard to network and start again.

I consulted with ATLATL for a couple of months and became extremely interested in the promise of the platform and what it can do for its customers. There's a huge benefit to solving a problem in a massive market. Providing buyers and sellers an innovative and immersive way to collaborate around product was an opportunity worth fighting for. How buyers purchase things has fundamentally changed since the internet and thus how sellers communicate value has to change to meet buyers expectations.”

Q: What does the Chief Growth Officer do?

“Essentially… Create synergy and inorganic growth opportunities in marketing, sales, and channel partners for the demand of ATLATL products.“

Q: What's the most difficult aspect of your job?

“Applying the greatest amount of time to the highest of problems in sequential order and learning quickly from those events. Also being an innovator in a large market can be lonely but it’s the dedication to the vision and the customers you serve that keeps you focused as the market comes your way.”

Q: What's the most exciting/best part of your job?

“The people I get to work with and how they help me grow as a person and professionally.” #wearehiring

Q: What is the most important thing to understand about Atlatl?

“ATLATL provides a game-changing experience for many different industries where the B2B purchase can be in the hundreds of thousands of $$. Technology is moving at an incredible speed and you can’t wait to invest in growth solutions or it will be too late.”

Q: If all Atlatl users were in the same room, what would you tell them?  

“Thank you for allowing us to serve you and being a part of your business.”

“I would also ask our customers to get to know each other. There’s a lot of knowledge to be shared cross-sector with industries we work with as everyone prepares for the digital transformation age/industry 4.0.”

Q: Is there anything you want to mention to the readers?

“You will win if you invest now. With 5G and IoT - the ones that invest in tech for productivity and efficiency will win market share as consolidation happens.”

Thanks for the sit-down Justin! We look forward to seeing everything you have in store for ATLATL!  

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