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February 10, 2020

MCX Series | Key Elements of Experience

As you begin to think about goals for delivering superior experiences, you need to consider these key elements. These pillars may stand independently or work in... Read More
February 7, 2020

MCX Series | Modern Customer Experience

EXPERIENCE IS THE NEW BATTLEGROUND FOR THE CUSTOMER Companies are being measured on experience in any moment a customer engages with your brand. This may be an active... Read More
February 5, 2020

Experience Economy: How did we get here?

Modern civilization continues to evolve culturally as we innovate and grow. Naturally this has led to several iterations of scales “economies”. Before we dive deeper into... Read More
February 5, 2020

Experience Economy Terminology

New movements come with new vernacular. Here’s a quick listing of some of the terms we often hear as we discuss Experience. Any good ones we missed? Send them my way at ... Read More
January 31, 2020

What is the Experience Economy

If you spend any time on LinkedIn, you’ve certainly heard the term Experience Economy. But what really is the “experience” of an economy. Let’s start by taking a high... Read More
January 29, 2020

Trends in Commerce to Pay Attention To

CMS Wire recently posted an article stating their Top 10 Trends in eCommerce for 2020. We thought it was an interesting list and wanted to elaborate on it more.  Read More
January 23, 2020

Rapid Fire with ATLATL's Product Owner, Emma Rastatter

[To give you a sense of what we’re busy working on over here at ATLATL HQ in Charleston, we sat down with our Product Owner, Emma Rastatter, for a quick Q&A.] Read More
January 15, 2020

Is Buyer Friction Killing Commerce?

Reducing Buyer Friction Read More
January 13, 2020

Digital: Test Drives & Twins

Imagine that for years, you’ve wanted to buy a motorcycle. You’ve thought about it, shopped casually every now and then, but it was never something you were serious... Read More
January 10, 2020

Visual Landscape Terminology Defined

2020 is the year of Visual Commerce, but what does that actually mean? The Experience Economy continues to rapidly change the way we shop, with customer experience... Read More
January 8, 2020

Its Tech Christmas: CES has arrived. 

And though I will not be in attendance this year, I know from my previous years at the show that attendees will be wowed with new ideas brought to life, new products never... Read More

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