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My First Month at ATLATL

By Arielle Olache | April 23, 2020

Arielle recently joined the implementation team here at ATLATL. She comes with a background in industrial engineering and is excited to be part of the Charleston tech community! Check out what she has to say about her first month at ATLATL! 

ATLATL is committed to making its team members feel recognized and valued and this translates into a team that is fully engaged and committed to delivering quality and innovative solutions. Each team member operates with a sense of personal pride and accountability for their contributions.

I was struck by how sharp and fully engaged each team member is.  Many companies have a large portion of employees that are complacent and disconnected, delivering the bare minimum to satisfy job requirements.  That is not the case at ATLATL; the energy and the drive of ATLATL team members is palpable and speaks to their belief in the product and the company.

The onboarding process really impressed me. It helped me understand how each department within the company contributes to the business as well as how our product delivers value for our customers. Taking the time and effort to onboard me made me feel welcome and like I was a valued new addition to the ATLATL family.

My first month at ATLATL was a huge culture shock in the best way possible. A few key things that I have noticed is that ATLATL values transparency at all levels, collaboration, relationships, their local community, health and wellbeing, celebrating success together, and innovation. Delivering value and quality to our customers is at the root of our culture and everything ATLATL does.

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