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Material Handling Embraces 20% YoY Growth Embracing Online Orders Using Visual Commerce

By Zac Cooper | June 28, 2019

What's the problem? 

The Material Handling industry  has historically struggled with lengthy engineer-driven quoting processes creating time constraints and slow response times from sales to customers. This is a pain we’ve seen almost across the board. We are excited to share that there’s a way to accelerate the quoting process through sales enablement technology.


Before we get too far in the solution let’s dive deeper into the pain. Current sales cycles are bogged down in poor experiences, complicated by the need for outside support, and made inefficient by costly bottlenecks and continuous back and forth. This burns valuable time, consumes expensive resources, and limits capacity. 


Where is the market going?

Visualization is already here. Think about your b2c buying habits - you can configure anything from furniture to home fixtures, to cars. And in some cases with one more click - purchase that item. Think about how easy and seamless that experience is as the buyer. Now put yourself in your b2b buying shoes. Why wouldn’t we apply the same experience there? Let’s take a look at the numbers: 

  • Research says that as much as 95% of b2b buyers consider the Commerce Experience as a critical factor when selecting a product. 54% felt more confident in their purchases 
  • $2.4 Billion: The amount of money manufacturers will spend on new B2B commerce platforms in the next four years

The power of ATLATL’s Visual Configuration + CPQ gives you a best in class opportunity to capitalize on these macro changes. IF YOU DON’T SOMEONE ELSE WILL.


Why is Visualization important? 

  • Impactful Customer Experience
    • 86% of customers will pay more for a great experience
  • Fast & Efficient Sales Process
    • 90% of the information the brain processes is Visual 
  • Accurate & Confident Buying
    • Visual confirmation ensures order accuracy, reducing impact from errors downstream
  • Collaborative Engagements
    • Leveraging AR, teams can share and view configurations in real space, to scale
  • Fastest Way to ROI
    • Front end impacts on experience coupled with backend efficiencies for a winning combination


What products does ATLATL offer? 

ATLATL Visual + QuoteBooks CPQ. Let’s break those down. 


  • ATLATL Visual enables your sales teams and customer dealer teams to leverage visual configuration at the office, at the job site, and with their end buyer customers shoulder to shoulder with real-time pricing and quote generation…. with the bills of materials and drawings to deliver downstream efficiencies to B2B. Visual Configuration offers incremental time savings for your client's internal teams, better customer experiences for the buyer and accelerated sales cycles with higher conversion rates.  This also means more revenue!
  • QuoteBooks CPQ is a configuration, pricing, and quoting (CPQ) platform that allows your sales teams to configure a customer’s product needs to produce a quote during the sales process


How do I start my transformation to visual? 

Reach out to our expert visual strategists to dive into how Visual Configuration will change your business for the better! 


Need more information? Download the full presentation here

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