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Mapping for Success

By Christina Burnley | September 17, 2019

Much like driving a car, maps help navigate your sales team from point A to point B. With today’s location intelligence, mapping has become a critical tool for any business. 

In short, maps enables your sales team to maximize output. With maps, your team has visual insights into your customers based on territory. When so much of the sales process is spent prospecting, mapping tools are imperative to eliminate inefficiency. Thanks to ATLATL’s Filtered Map Views, users can track sales activity trends, see where the hottest opportunities are, and measure which particular regions are producing more sales than others. 

As your sales team adapts to various customer engagement environments, they will need the right location intelligence to keep them on the go. Filtered Map Views helps your traveling sales reps identify new opportunities, contacts, and companies-all on their mobile device. With the right mobile intelligence, your sales team will spend less time on the road, and more time doing what they do best. 

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing mapping software is time savings. With ATLATL’s Filtered Map Views, data filters are accessible within leads, contacts, companies, opportunities, and quotes. Having filters in place permits users to segment and isolate data, providing granular insight into the bigger picture. The raw data will result in complete transparency, equipping your company with a visual tool to track, analyze, and compare performances across the board. With this data, you will have the ability to identify both your sore spots and areas of success based on location. This information will give you the power to then prioritize your focus, maximize your resources, and drastically improve your process. 

ATLATL Improves Your Bottom Line

Working smarter, not harder is the key to improving your bottom line. Thanks to ATLATL’s Filtered Map Views, you now have the right tools to do so. To increase your net earnings, you need to cut costs and optimize your key processes. 

And that starts with insight. 

Do you have the right insight? What’s your biggest area of improvement? 

Contact us today and learn how ATLATL visual solutions can revolutionize your sales process. 

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