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Its Tech Christmas: CES has arrived. 

By Chris Beaudin | January 8, 2020

And though I will not be in attendance this year, I know from my previous years at the show that attendees will be wowed with new ideas brought to life, new products never before imagined, and innovations that will change our lives. 

From the companies we expect (Intel, Samsung) to the startups in the basement villages of the Sands... The future is on display this week. 

If you're not there, pay attention to what people are talking about from the show. Trends and themes will certainly center around popular topics like AI, VR, and of course.... big tv screens. 

But key in on this... ITS ALL ABOUT EXPERIENCE

A customer's experience is what drives everything. Every department from those who design and make, to those who market and sell - should be focused on the experience of presenting and using your product. 

Which is why I beat the drum over and over for VISUALIZATION... bring your product to life if you want people to buy. Buying IS an emotional act. And there's no better way to connect your buyer to your product than to let them interact with it in this digital age than through visualization...

So - let us help ya out... ATLATL Software has visual strategists who can help you build a new buyer's journey and win the war for experience.

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