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Stay Ahead of Your Competition by Investing in Visual Configuration

By Zac Cooper | July 10, 2019

The competition for customers’ business in the digital age is becoming more and more competitive. Online retailers and wholesalers are creating buying experiences allowing the shopper to purchase what they need, when they need it.


Manufacturers are starting to follow the big names in eCommerce like Amazon and Grainger to keep up with changing consumer demands. The question is why are we trying to just keep up; why are we not trying to stand-out and win?  


Winning the customer’s business is the mantra for sales and marketing. The days of meeting with customers and physically guiding them through the buying experience are long gone though. In fact, 67% of buyers prefer to not interact with a sales rep at all. So how do we compete and grow in this new digital economy?


The first step has to be evaluating the competition…
  • How are your competitors enabling customers to buy quick and easy? 
  • What digital tools are your competitors investing in for digital commerce?
  • How impressed are you with your buying experience at your competitors? 
  • What are your competitors not doing, that you can? 


One of the rising themes in manufacturing sales is building a digitally enabled B2B sales model. Most OEM’s have invested in CRM and E-commerce but that’s not going to help you stand out and win, that’s keeping up. Be bold and invest in tomorrow’s buyer, not today’s. Tomorrow’s buyer has been shopping online since their teens and investing in digital sales tools will leave your customers saying “finally”.


What is going to drive the customer to say “wow” and enable your business to beat the competition and gain market share? 


CPQ and Visualization in your B2B commerce strategies are the only way to accelerate your customer's buying journey with confidence and personalization. Be the first in your market to introduce Visual Configuration and give the customer the WOW factor. Allow your buyer to build their own tractor, design their own conveyor and configure their lift truck. Build your internet economy strategy by integrating CPQ and Visual with your commerce sites for a unified experience and allow the commerce data to push to your CRM for sales’ follow ups and quicker deal cycles. 


When you implement the right solutions for your business you’re going to enable your sales team to close more deals and beat the competition. If you want to gain market share and protect your business from the competition, invest in CPQ and Visual Commerce for unmatched customer experiences and sales velocity. Leave your competition asking how do they keep up with you.

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