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How Are You Retaining Top Talent?

By Nick Hassig | August 19, 2019

National unemployment rates have fallen to a 50-year low, but not everybody’s a winner. In today’s strong labor market, manufacturers must act strategically to attract and retain young talent. Traditional salary and benefit packages are no longer the key drivers in employee happiness and retention. In today’s strong labor market, companies who embrace and encourage an innovative culture are more likely to generate interest amongst millennial and Generation Z employees.  

Prior to ATLATL, I worked at a Fortune 500 manufacturing company that taught me the consequences from a workforce’s lack of innovation and culture. As a 27 year-old transitioning from a career in sport ticket sales, my first day on the job felt like I had gone back in time. My coworkers were at least 15 years my senior, each of them shouldering the wear and tear of working 20+ years in the steel industry. 

As a new hire, I immediately noticed a red flag the moment my onboard training program began. To start, the ERP platform running the business was developed in the 1980s. Simply learning how to navigate the software was a major task in its own right. The company’s lack of innovation from a tech standpoint created self-inflicted hurdles preventing any potential growth. Besides having to wake up each day and travel back in time, the lack of culture created a low morale across the board and lowered employee retention rates. 

In contrast against my previous roles, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness how leading manufacturers successfully prioritize innovation and employee satisfaction. My experiences at BMW and Toyota Material Handling have proven the standard for what great businesses look like. 

From administrative roles to the shop floor, BMW’s manufacturing facility in Greer, SC, has instilled a culture of pride and purpose amongst their workforce. The moment one walks in, the positive energy amongst employees is palpable and contagious.  

At Toyota Material Handling in Columbus, IN, I was blown away at how far company had gone to create a positive culture for their employees. The crowned jewel of the facility was the T-Rex fitness facility! 

Recruiting young talent should be a priority for companies in today’s strong labor market. If companies want to get ahead of the market, they must acquire progressive technology to attract the young top talent. 

What type of technology is your organization investing in as a Manufacturing leader?  Whether it’s robotics and automation on the floor, or sales enablement tools, breaking out of the mold is always better than maintaining the status quo.

To learn more about how ATLATL’s manufacturing specific software tools are exciting the next generation of sales reps, feel free to connect with me directly at nhassig@atlatlsoftware.com!

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