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How a Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Leveraged Visual Configuration to Increase Sales

By Chris Beaudin | June 12, 2019

The Problem

A well known heavy equipment manufacturer was facing a growing problem. Year over year sales were stagnant, market share was being threatened, and pressure was mounting to reinvigorate a customer base.

To address this problem the company thought it needed to invest more in new product features and offerings to excite their buyers. They would spend heavily on research. They would plan out massive product launches. And they would take time to produce collateral, outfit showrooms, and support the training of an entire force of sales and marketing professionals to help sell these new product additions.

Yet still, hitting sales goals continued to be a challenge.

With their current efforts, the company was pursuing growth with a highly manual, product-driven approach that was consistently failing to meet expectations. Seeking to grow sales through new product alone was not their error. Instead, this company failed to take account of their sales process, almost assuredly setting themselves up for a tough task at hitting their goals.

The investment in new product research, development, and training are expensive enough. But when you must also support these new products through overhead driven touchpoints like showrooms, product samples, and product catalogs you’re driving incremental costs and deteriorating your margins as you work to increase sales.

With all of the advancements available via innovative technology the team at this company knew they needed to find a better way.

As they began their search for new solutions, the team started to look at replacing their most inefficient touchpoint: product catalogs. They were spending millions each year on new photography, new brochure designs, printing and shipping of collateral that often ended up in the trash. These assets were used to showcase product options and provide visuals for elements that didn’t live on the showroom floor. The team knew they could find a more efficient method if they pursued a more modern approach and went digital.

They began to look at CGI or computer generated image providers. While this seemed like a great first step, it only solved for a piece of their challenge. It wasn’t until they began to understand the landscape of visual sales applications that they saw the real solution.   

Visual Configuration.  

The Solution

As the team began to look at the potential of a visual configurator, they realized that this wasn’t just going to improve how they presented product to the market… but instead, this was going to transform their entire sales process. .

The team understood that if deployed successfully, a visual configuration tool would increase their sales cycle, improve order accuracy, and lead to better customer experiences. These benefits on top of new product offerings would unlock market potential and provide them with the increased sales numbers they were after.

But they didn’t come to this realization on their own. To help learn the benefits of this new technology the team partnered with ATLATL’s experts, known as Visual Strategists. Together, they worked to understand the company’s goals, examine their current sales process, and outline a plan of action to successfully implement a visual configuration strategy into their operation.

In doing so, ATLATL was able to gauge the readiness of the company’s digital assets, determine the scope, and prepare an implementation plan.

Fast forward a few months, and the company is now an ATLATL customer. By leveraging the ATLATL Visual configuration tool they have increased their sales opportunities by 30%, and are closing these opportunities at a 40% higher win rate than before. These improvements in their sales process alone have enabled them to achieve their targets.

But in addition to these, the team was also able to reduce their spend in launch support materials and training time. Rather than multi-month planning and preparation of materials for a product launch, the team can drop new assets into their configuration tool instantly. No more waiting for samples or catalogs. No more lengthy sales meetings. No more having the customer guess if their selections are accurate.

Now, this company can work directly with their customers, helping them buy exactly what they want. This adjustment has positioned them as the leader in their marketplace. The immersive buying experience they now offer is being sought after and its impact has led to transformational gains in their sales process and on their bottom line.

What’s your biggest area of improvement? Can visual configuration solve your challenges? A tool like ATLATL Visual has the potential to improve your business in a number of ways. Connect with one of our visual strategists today to see what hitting your target looks like.

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