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G2 Names First Leader in Visual Configuration Software

We’re so honored to announce that G2 has named ATLATL Visual the sole Leader  for Visual Configuration Software in the first-ever report on this rapidly growing and important category. These awards are primarily based on user reviews from our amazing customers, and we are honored by their encouraging feedback. 

We’re also incredibly appreciative of them taking the time to complete the reviews and ratings so that others can learn about this expanding category of solutions. And of course, we have to thank G2 for creating such an impactful platform where users can benefit from one another's experiences in an authentic way. 

We are incredibly proud of this recognition because our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. Through their direction and feedback, we’ve been able to offer differentiating features and services that have resonated with the market. Here is what separates us from the rest as told by G2 and our users: 


This was a direct quote from one of our users who like many of our customers saw a tremendous increase in their sales efficiency.  We believe in finding better ways of doing things as it creates new opportunities to do more, create more, sell more. And we believe there’s no faster way to sell than when a buyer can see and experience the exact product they plan to purchase. 

ATLATL Visual enables consumers to see the options they have available, make choices that suit their needs, and review their exact configuration. This is dramatically faster than previous methods of sorting through product books, consulting with product teams, and assembling a quote. 

As this same user put it, “I can now do in minutes and hours what used to take days and weeks.” That’s the transformational change that leads to real results. 


#2: If it’s fast, it has to be ACCURATE

The magic behind the scenes is a lot what sets ATLATL apart. Our team works tirelessly with our customers to understand the unique product rules and requirements that we will build into the system. This level of detail ensures that each configuration is safeguarded from order errors, providing a confident buying experience. 

Powering this accuracy is the ATLATL Rules Engine. From dimensions, engineering logic, and even pricing, the user can configure confidently knowing what’s available to them adheres to the exact rules set by the manufacturer. As one user described it, “It’s been Game changing”. 

This combination of speed and accuracy creates a differentiated buying experience that leads to loyal customers. 

#3: “A superior buying EXPERIENCE”

Our users and the market agree… providing the right buying experience is what matters most to their customers. As market leaders, we’ve heard from our users about the experience they’re looking to offer and know that it comes down to the right ingredients. 

First, you have to have the right features. Users gave each of our 3D Visual Configuration, AR Configuration, and Drag-and-Drop features perfect ratings. These features set the baseline for interacting with our visual configurator.

While amazing, we understand that it means nothing if they aren’t easy to use. Here again, users said we outpaced the market, rating our ease of use at 91% compared to the market average of 86%. 

But where our users really showed their appreciation was in how we assisted them in creating these impactful buying opportunities. One user put it simply as, “the Atlatl team works tirelessly to make sure we have the best quoting tool available.” Another stated that “the ease of use of the software as well as the attentiveness and fast response we receive from ATLATL are exceptional”. To them, we say that it’s been our pleasure. 

Final Thoughts

For many years we’ve been working to forge a path for Visual Solutions to become a key element in a company’s go-to-market strategy. As more and more businesses understand the benefits of Visual Configuration we see the momentum continuing to grow. We were thrilled to play a part in forming this category, and are honored to now be named the leader of it.  

Our passion for this technology lies in the impact it delivers to our customers. We’ve worked with clients across the board and have seen the transformation it can bring. As one user put it after utilizing our platform, “when you can perform like this, you are in the lead for the project”. And to us, that’s what it’s all about. Delivering faster, more accurate, and more impactful sales experiences are what drives us to improve each day. Thank you once again to our users who had the courage to embrace this innovation early and can now share its benefits with the next wave of companies. 

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