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From Steady to a Sudden Stop

Since late Q1, most of the global workforce has been secluded inside their homes. The only outlets to maintain “business as usual” are the digital connections through their devices.  To no surprise, this unexpected and sudden deviation from “normal” has led to some interesting adaptations. 

Zooming became a verb. 

The term “virtual” was applied to everything. 

And your go-to-market was suddenly challenged by the need that everything must flow through your website. 


The impacts from COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated a change that was already in progress. Experts are saying that consumer behavior has shifted in just these past few months that they were originally expecting to see stretch over 3 to 4 years. 

Perhaps nothing has had a greater impact on the pace of digital transformation in the modern era than organizations suddenly realizing their model no longer worked. Now for the first time, online shopping was no longer just an eCommerce thing that B2B could afford to put off. It was a necessity that needed to be addressed. Immediately. 

A sudden stop was something no one could have predicted. But, the real test will be to see who responds, adapts, and evolves quickly to remain competitive in this rapidly changing world.

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