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Embrace the Changing Paradigm of Digital Commerce with bCommerce™

By Perri Sluder | January 18, 2019

Today we live in a world of instant gratification. A quick Google search can answer just about any question you have, some retailers offer same day delivery, and you can stream full seasons of TV shows instantly on your phone. So what does this mean for your customer’s expectations?


Instant gratification is not just for Amazon addicts and Netflix lovers, it is an expectation that has shaped consumers across all industries including manufacturing. Customers not only expect but need to have an interactive buying experience with a quick quote turn around to satisfy their needs (expectations) and to feel confident in the product. Better yet, they prefer to do some of this autonomously and without having to go through the hassle of scheduling face time with a salesperson.


While overnight shipping may not be an option for most manufacturers, companies can leverage digital selling tools, such as Atlatl’s bCommerce™, on their website to help meet those instantaneous needs of customers. This level of convenience not only leads to actual commerce, but helps increase the overall buying experience.     


What is bCommerce™?

Atlatl developed bCommerce™ to provide manufacturers with an industry specific online Visual Configuration tool (online quoting tool) that allows their customers to have a visually guided buying experience. The tool is driven by unique engineering rules and logic, allowing it to serve a wide range of manufacturers with highly configurable products as well as engineered to order products. These manufacturers can now say goodbye to the days of the dreaded online “request a quote form” and hello to engineering time savings, quicker quote turnarounds, and the best customer buying experience.


Manufacturers that have not yet adopted visual selling strategies are getting left behind and outperformed by competition. Again, think Amazon and the dominant stance it has taken as an ecommerce giant. But it is not too late to take action and develop a digitally mature sales process. Manufacturing sales technology is constantly evolving and reaching new heights, so don’t get left behind, let 2019 be the year you transform your business.



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