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Digital: Test Drives & Twins

By Chris Beaudin | January 13, 2020

Imagine that for years, you’ve wanted to buy a motorcycle. You’ve thought about it, shopped casually every now and then, but it was never something you were serious about... until now. And so you flip open your laptop or start searching on your smartphone. Your results return a number of brands touting their latest models with slick features and stylized designs. But immediately you’re stuck with a dose of reality… 

No, it’s not your spouse telling you “no way honey," but instead, it’s how difficult it is to imagine what the different bikes look like, how some features will fit, and what various options would look like together. You’re tempted to leap from the couch and trek to the local dealer. But then you see it’s a 30-minute drive. And what models do they even have there? You’re hot to buy, but you’re not having a pleasant buying experience because your needs and expectations aren’t being met. 

What you really want is a Digital Test Drive. 

Digital “test drive” is really just another way of saying that people want to visually experience your product. As websites have become the new storefronts, brands have to digitize their product presentations to fit this new environment. This means creating Digital Twins of their products. 


What are Digital Twins? 

The term “digital twin” is often referenced to reflect the creation of an accurate digital representation of a product. Companies will use these digital versions to test things before they enter production. Predictive analytics and maintenance are often the targets of digital twinning, but we see the opportunity differently. 

Digital twins of physical products enable companies like ours to help you create interactive, immersive, and ultimately impactful visual buying experiences. I know that’s a mouthful, so let’s break it down:

Interactive: Static imagery is good, but interactive 3D imagery is so much closer to the experience we’re used to in the physical world. Interacting with products, moving them, configuring them, personalizing options… these are elements that help us answer questions and gain confidence in our purchase. 

Immersive: Through platforms like ATLATL Visual, brands can empower customers to shop across a visual landscape that includes 2D imagery, interactive configurable 3D imagery, and ultimately project these into physical spaces through augmented reality.

Impactful: The holistic approach of visually presenting products through well crafted digital experiences is what creates incredible value in having Digital Twins. Providing these digital test drives improves the chances of a purchase and larger returns on your investments. 


Atlatl Air _ Visual _ Q3 2019 (Public)

What to do next? 

Are you ready for digital? Can your customers test drive? Wherever you rank on the spectrum, we can help. 

Learn more about visual configuration here or take our simple readiness assessment to see how you score.

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