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Customer Experience: Visualization & AR, The New Science of Sales to Accelerate Growth

Marc Murphy
Marc Murphy is a Technology Executive who is passionate about leading high-growth and results-focused startups. He’s currently the Chief Executive Officer of Atlatl Software, a sales enablement software startup that helps manufacturing and distribution sales teams increase their sales efficiency by 26%. Before joining Atlatl he was the Chief Executive Officer of SPARC, LLC a Inc 500 fastest-growing company specializing in agile software development that was acquired by Booz Allen Hamilton. Marc is a huge advocate for the thriving Charleston tech community by serving as a Board of Director for the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation and Task Force X Capital Management that supports Veteran-owned small businesses and startups.

Published: May 24, 2019

Enterprise market leaders that are embracing Visual and AR technologies to create a unique digital sales experience that is meeting the new reality of the experience economy.


One of our biggest takeaways from Modern CX was:


You can't sell in analog when the world is digital


The new experience economy will be delivered by immersive 3D and Augmented Reality customer experiences. Nothing demonstrated this more than the discussion Atlatl was engaged in during our recent participation at Oracle’s Modern CX and the continued dialogue in the months following that event.  It is clear from these discussions that Atlatl’s Visual & AR configuration technology, integrated with Oracle’s suite of CX applications, will change the way we think about the customer’s experience. We believe digital sales in the B2B space is creating a serious paradigm shift in the experience economy.  


Single product visualization, seen in examples like furniture, couches, and wristwatches, are fairly simple and can be accomplished by several technologies already available in the market. We see the real focus for visual and AR is going to be in the B2B sector. The challenges come from very complex products and configurations. The B2B sales domain covers a wide range of very complex, engineered-to-order systems and layout requirements. The integrated Atlatl Visual and Oracle CPQ product can handle the challenging task of visually configuring and quoting the complex, and we are seeing this on scale with our customers.  

This ability will start to push the sales process of complex products outside of the constraints of brick-and-mortar and begin to establish the AR environment as the preferred point of sale experience.  


Thank you Oracle, for the impactful discussion at the Modern Customer Experience.  

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