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B2B Online Key Takeaways

By Zac Cooper | May 7, 2019

The B2B Online conference was an exciting and educational jam-packed few days! Hearing from so many incredible speakers has us so excited for the transformations manufacturers are making. Visual transformations to be exact. We know it was a busy few days so we wanted to share our key takeaways in a few bullets:


  • All of the sessions; keynotes and panels, delivered a consistent message: The importance of personalized, buyer-driven experience in the B2B commerce journey. Customers are now demanding to be in the driver's seat, thanks to the experience economy we have entered and we have no choice but to adapt our selling strategy to fit the customer's needs.

  • Manufacturers are at different stages of their digital initiatives and many are raising their hands and asking for help. Navigating omnichannel marketing strategies and creating a customer-driven buying experience is complex. It is vital to partner with companies who can guide you through this process.


  • E-commerce, Quote to Cash and Marketing/Sales Automation are not always the best tools for simplifying your complex product buying processes.



  • Visual Commerce is the way to provide a buyer-driven experience that provides revenue optimization to your marketing and sales teams. Seeing is believing. When you are able to provide an interactive and immersive buying experience your customer's confidence in the products they are buying will drastically increase.


Visualization can be integrated with your E-commerce site and Quote to Cash applications for a seamless experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Visualization and how you can apply to your commerce strategy, we’re here to help.

When your business is ready to create a visual experience in your customer journey, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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