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Are You Ready for Visual Configuration?

By Chris Beaudin | August 21, 2019

The Challenge:

Is your organization ready to take on a new tech investment? 

What does it take to implement a visual configuration platform? 

How will it work amongst your other tech platforms? 

These are questions people often have in mind when evaluating a new solution like ours. At ATLATL we believe in partnership, not just software sales. And that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible to navigate your way to success. Whether you’re in a great position to get started or you still have a few steps to take, we’re here to help you in your pursuit of a visual sales experience. 

Why it’s so important to prepare for and successfully implement Visual Configuration into your sales experience:

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, it is more important than ever to implement improved experiences to gain a competitive advantage.  Embracing innovative technologies like Visual Configuration helps you do just that. Implementing Visual shortens your sales process and helps you close more deals, efficiently growing your business.  But best of all, it provides an incredible buying experience for your customers. The problem is that not every organization is ready to jump right in or is unsure of where to start. To help, here are things we recommend and steps to take to put you in the best position to succeed:

  1. Evaluate your company’s current state:
    • Familiarity with Visual Configuration
      • For a smooth on-boarding, it’s helpful that your internal stakeholders have a good understanding of what Visual is, the benefits it offers, and the impact it makes. Gaining this support and buy in will help assembling a budget and team much easier. 
    • Plan and budget accordingly
      • Most companies have not pursued any sort of Visual tool before, which leaves them unsure of how much to budget. Typically, a team should plan on a multi-year investment with amounts ranging in the low to mid $100k’s. There is typically an up-front cost to implement software like this (which covers rules development and integrations) as well as an ongoing user license cost that reoccurs each year. 
    • Prepare a project lead and support team 
      • With a budget in place, it’s also critical to know who will be involved internally, and who will champion this effort. Having the right team in place and supporting this project help ensure its success. 


  1. Understand your current software stack:
    • CRM
      • Having a CRM in place is a great step as it shows that your company has already invested in managing customer relationships. Visual can integrate with your CRM to provide and even stronger connection between your customers and their purchasing data. 
    • Commerce Platform
      • Do you go to market online or through some other commerce driven software? Visual can elevate your company’s commerce experience tremendously through dynamic, 3D Visual Product Configuration. We will work with your team to integrate the two software platforms to create one great experience. 
    • CPQ
      • Configure, Price, and Quote software can quickly become a sales reps best friend as it encompasses product rules and logic automatically into the sales engagement, safeguarding the rep from error as it helps them sell faster. At ATLATL, we are happy to work with you to integrate Visual with you current CPQ platform. If you’re looking to make a change or do not have a current CPQ, let us know and we can show you QuoteBooks CPQ which we developed to meet the unique needs that our customers were continuing to face. Learn more about QuoteBooks here.  
    • ERP
      • Enterprise Resource Planning software is a common investment today’s organizations are making to ensure they get the most out of their platforms. ATLATL can work to elevate your ERP through data connections and integrations. In the midst of an ERP implementation? Great! Be sure you talk with one of our Visual Strategists about how you can best time when to start your Visual project.  
    • CAD
      • Computer Aided Design software is critical to any engineer and product manager. ATLATL integrates with CAD to bring those technical files into an easier to use digital asset. Let us know which CAD platform you work with and we will create a seamless integration with Visual.
    • Other Homegrown Platforms
      • Often times companies choose to create an in-house solution. In the beginning this may work out well, but over time the maintenance and upkeep becomes cumbersome. Bringing Visual into a homegrown solution is possible, but for best results it’s recommended to keep Visual as a stand alone tool or to seek out one of the other platforms noted above to create the best leverage in your customer experience. 
  2. Understand the problems in your current process. Common complaints that Visual can solve for include
    • It takes too long to configure and quote
    • There are too many people involved in the process
    • Our process is too manual
      There are too many inaccuracies in our quotes
    • There is too much overhead involved in creating a quote
    • We need to increase opportunities and revenue but are at capacity

If you feel like your company is ready for visual configuration, take our readiness assessment!


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