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4 Considerations for Serving the VISUAL Consumer

Creating Visual Experiences should be a natural part of the way you present your products. But in today’s age you need to think through how to do so in the digital environment. Here are 4 things to consider as you serve the Visual Consumer:

#1 Design an Intuitive Buyer’s Journey 

As people enter your web experience, they may come equipped with the knowledge of exactly what it is they’re after. Getting them to that quickly and seamlessly will create an enjoyable experience during their purchase. Conversely, someone else may enter your site not knowing what options are available, where to begin, and lacking in confidence of what it is they need. A well thought out buyers journey can address each buyer’s needs in a holistic set of offerings and features. Spend the time to learn more about your buyers and their needs. Use this to build the on ramps and off ramps your buyers may take. Then build a site experience to delight these buyers with the intuitive nature of your site. 

#2 Access to Information

Transparency wins in today’s competitive battlefield where information is power. Trust your buyer, arm them with the information they will be seeking. Don’t gate it behind endless form fills and requests for a sales call. Instead break from the trends of the past and show your buyer what they want to see. Give details about your products and pricing. Your buyers will appreciate it, and show their gratitude in their shopping carts. Trusting your buyer with information can seem daunting, but this access eliminates friction in their journey, and helps them get to a purchase sooner. 


#3 Show Them. Don’t Tell Them. 

If you want your buyers to buy online, you have to show them your products. eCommerce has learned this lesson. Multiple, high quality images fueled purchases in early eCommerce. Better yet, video. Showing the product in action pleased buyers even more. But now, new innovations have caught up to hundred year old technology (photography) and we can do even better. Enter 3D Visualization. Your buyers don’t want to see a picture, they want to visually interact and customize your product. Configuring and viewing available options adds an emotional investment that increases the chances the customer will complete their transaction. Better yet, it makes them feel confident because they’ve viewed every angle, seen every option, and even extended their experience into reality through AR technology. 

This is the power of ATLATL Visual. 

#4 Self Service

Online buyers of today are accustomed to navigating the online environments of eCommerce. And while B2B products may add a level of complexity, buyers inherently will want to self serve as much as possible. Allowing the opportunity for the educated buyer to progress from start to finish increases their satisfaction. Product too complex? Get stuck? Need help? Have experts available and waiting to serve your prospects as needed. This “raise your hand” approach is less intrusive and one of the big reasons buyers prefer digital over brick and mortar.

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