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Atlatl Activities

Learn sales strategies from our team, customers, partners and industry leaders.

What I Would Tell My Grandfather...

Like Atlatl, I am rooted in manufacturing; it’s in my blood. Our family's journey in the industry began in 1902, and ever since, we've lived, eaten, and breathed manufacturing. While family businesses can get “tricky,” to say the least, and the pressure to continue the legacy is heavy, my cousins and I are devoted to the success of the business. Not for the money, not for our egos, but for our grandfather, our inspiration- our Factory Man.

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Is there a difference between Customer Success and Customer Support? Maybe...But...

In a small tech company, efficiency is key. Everyone wears multiple, and sometimes a seemingly countless number of hats. To say the least, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.  So, it's crucial to break things down to the basics in order to ease any scattering stress. What is it that you strive to achieve? At Atlatl Software, we prioritize our customers, and rely on a cohesive, strategical system to do so, but when it comes down to it, we have to think.... What separates Customer Support and Customer Success? Is there a difference between these two crucial roles? In the right scenarios, maybe. There's no doubt, however, that both strive for the same results: supporting customers in successfully utilizing the software & product... period, the end.

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Overcoming Barriers

The sales team here at Atlatl HQ has been studying the book Do Big Things and applying the lessons we learn to our weekly meetings. This has given our team a great pulse to start the week and I felt today’s lesson on Overcoming Barriers was worth sharing.

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Leveraging Tech to Strengthen Distributor Relationships

Empowering distributors through tech is investing in internal revenue increase

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Rapid Fire w/ Atlatl's Director of Sales, Zac Cooper 

[To give you a sense of what we’re busy working on over here at Atlatl HQ in Charleston, we sat down with Atlatl’s Director of Sales, Zac Cooper, for a quick Q&A.]

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Partner Spotlight: Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider. They provide companies with the ability to not have to have on-premise infrastructure. Atlatl’s QuoteBooks Cloud platform is built entirely on AWS. This has created tremendous benefit for our company and our customers over the past few years, often in hidden ways. We wanted to share some of the ways AWS has enabled us to build a better product:

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Don't be afraid to try new tech

Baby Boomers have a reputation for being slow adopters of new technology. Being part of this generation, I do see some truth to that reputation, BUT the reality is, if new technology will make my life easier I am quick to adopt. I suspect that most of my fellow Boomers feel similarly.

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How Augmented Reality is Transforming the B2B Sales Process

The gap between someone's expectations and reality is a persistent problem in the B2B sales world. Far too often, customers have a very different belief about what the product should be and what they receive. The result might be something that's the wrong size, color, shape, or doesn't function the way the customer expected. This unfortunate process leads to disappointment, inaccuracy, and painful revisions.

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Sales Process Improvement is the Next Step for Industry 4.0



In the era of email, the manufacturing sales industry is still writing letters

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