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QuoteBooks bCommerce®

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Atlatl bCommerce

The Power of Visual Configuration on Your Website

With our new bCommerce® offering you can expand your reach and enable your customers to configure your highly engineered and manufactured products through the Atlatl Visual Configurator - all on your very own website!

bCommerce® was developed to allow you to keep pace with the dramatic shifts in the B2B buying experience, driven by vast changes in consumer expectations. With bCommerce™ in place, buyers can now interact with dynamic product selections, passing these choices on to your sales team in real time.

Call us today to learn more about how this access and ease of use, combined with our platform's engineering integrity, can empower your sales team to sell complex manufactured product.


Your Website, Our Tool

Easier Access Means
More Opportunities

Unlock the potential of your web experience with easier access to the power of our 3D Visual Configuration tool

Capture More Info
from More Users

Customer and configuration information are captured and available in the QuoteBooks Cloud giving your sales teams the ability to turn around quotes in an instant

All in Your
Brand Experience

Separate yourself with a unique B2B buying experience. Enabling your customers access to a dynamic tool like bCommerce enhances your brand's position

bCommerce® FAQs

  • How is bCommerce® different from eCommerce?

    eCommerce enables an end consumer/customer to check out and purchase items without ever speaking to someone. In the manufacturing space where guidance and customer needs are brought into the sales process, the Visual Configurator helps facilitate the engineering limitations while providing a quote to the customer. The automated lead generation to a trained sales professional enables sales to complete the transaction and ensure a fantastic customer experience.

  • How does bCommerce® affect my existing Sales team?

    bCommerce® casts a wider net for your existing sales team by making your products accessible to your end consumer and/or "resellers" while maintaining the necessary 3D visuals, controls and workflows needed for complex manufacturing products.

  • Do I need to implement QuoteBooks with bCommerce®?

    When implementing bCommerce®, manufacturers have two options:

    1. Deploying an end-consumer interface for direct customer interaction that will generate leads in QuoteBooks for the manufacturing sales team to facilitate.
    2. Deploying bCommerce® as a reseller tool where the manufacturer still implements QuoteBooks for lead capturing. In this option, the resellers only have access to the visual bCommerce tool

  • Does the Atlatl bCommerce® offering accommodate the existing branding of my website?

    Yes, the branded user interface in your existing website can be utilized in bCommerce® to ensure your customers have the same look and feel of your existing native website.
    If your products require complex configurator workflows, i.e. pathing and routing or layout changes, then the Atlatl UI is mandatory.
    For bCommerce® direct to end consumers, the customer (manufacturer) has the option of embedding into their native website (depending on the complexity). For bCommerce® direct to integrator/distributor, it is mandatory to use the Atlatl UI.

  • Do I have to update my website to create a branded configurator experience?

    No, if you do not want to update your website you can utilize the native User Interface in the Atlatl Visual Configurator.

  • What information from customers can I obtain and where does it go?

    You can obtain any information you want from customers and have it appear in QuoteBooks due to our new Adaptive Data Fields feature. We also offer standard information that can be passed such as Name, Email, Address, Phone, Company, etc.
    The customer data can be utilized as an opportunity for your manufacturing sales team to follow up on for direct consumer engagement. The customer data can also be leveraged for tracking purposes if you offer bCommerce® to your "resellers."

  • What happens when the customer saves the configuration he/she created?

    Multiple things can happen depending on your workflow. The typical workflow is for customers to be prompted for more information prior to viewing a preliminary quote. At the same time, a configuration for the customer is created and saved in QuoteBooks so your sales reps can access the information, customer account information and the quote!
    When working with "resellers," users can easily configure, price and quote your products directly within the bCommerce™ experience. They have the option of downloading the quote and taking the appropriate action depending on their "reseller" process. The manufacturer in this instance would still receive a lead/quote in their QuoteBooks for tracking purposes and can maintain any necessary approval workflows prior to providing a quote to the reseller.  There is also the option to provide Sales Approval Drawings and even Augmented Reality presentations with the quote.

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