ATLATL, the first 3D virtualized enterprise class selling
solution that simplifies complex products and streamlines
manufacturing... all in one integrated application.

  • Interface
  • Close
  • Real Time Data
  • Design
  • CRM
  • BOM
  • Quote
  • Cloud
  • Reporting

With Atlatl SRP, every sales visit is a virtual Kaizen event - plan, do, check, act (PDCA). Atlatl SRP is based on a collection of modular components that allow sales reps, in collaboration with customers to configure the product to the customers exact specifications.

Using a virtualized 3D interface, the Atlatl SRP software is as easy to use as The Sims™ or Minecraft™. Using the iOS or Android mobile version, simple tap and swipe modular bills of material (BOMs) to configure the product. After configuring the product tap "quote" and information is stored in the secure Atlatl SRP cloud where it's synchronized with the back end CRM and simultaneously a quote is delivered to the customer via email. Though developed for mobile use, Atlatl SRP software also runs on iOS or Windows desktop or laptop computers.

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