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The 3 most interesting trends from Unity's Vision Summit

I was thrilled to represent Atlatl Software at the Vision VR Summit in Los Angeles, CA a few weeks ago. The summit was sponsored by Unity3D, and is one of many events throughout the year aimed at enabling and educating Unity's users. Dozens of experts in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality shared their experiences in the space which included everything from highly technical implementation to best use cases for businesses to ethical responsibilities of managing multiplayer environments in VR.


Throughout the conference, a few trends emerged for me. Here are the three that were the most significant for me.

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How to gracefully deal with your startup's growth

In my experience, the biggest obstacle a startup faces is growth. At one of my previous companies, we had meteoric growth of hiring 100 people in eight months. You're not ready for something that. That stresses everything you have, all your systems you've built. Having that kind of growth in that short amount of time is a huge challenge. Things got very fragile for a while as we were adding so many people. Running a company of 25 people is much different than running a company of 300 people. You have to be serious about it, you have to be ready for it and then make some major decisions about how you run the company. That's what's going to separate entrepreneurs from business people: being able to handle that type of evolution in a company.

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Why do I pay monthly for SaaS / Cloud products?

An interesting conversation came up in our office between some of the guys new to tech and some of the “old” tech veterans. The question that was brought up was, “Why do clients have to pay monthly for SaaS products?” And, “What value do they present to the client, versus just looking like a monthly cost out the door?”

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Progress, not perfection

Have you ever visited another company, gone to a tradeshow or attended a networking event? It’s always interesting to speak with people who live within a specific market and to learn about their day-to-day operations. The pains one industry is experiencing can be completely different from another, but yet so many similarities. For example, whether you’re in manufacturing, technology, finance, marketing or even accounting; everybody is asking the same questions:

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College of Charleston students engineering with Atlatl

Students from the College of Charleston who participate in the Computer Science program are required to complete a senior project each year where they partner with a local company. The goal of this exercise is to gain exposure to the professional world of software development and to begin forming relationships within Charleston's tech community.


Atlatl was lucky enough to participate in the program this year and to be partnered with CoC seniors Robert Moore, Frederic Lester, and Angel Rodriguez. There were several stipulations placed on the students but the most important one was compliance with Atlatl's partner, Unity and their engine for creating 3D configurations.

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Atlatl + Onshape team up

Keeping your sales channel connected to your shop floor is important in today’s fast-paced environment where your customer requires quick turn-around and service. Atlatl and Onshape have teamed up to ensure just that. This partnership aids in the process of review to the actual manufacturing of your product. With a few easy steps you can go quickly from configuring quotes to engineering in CAD.

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Our favorite four from ProMat '17

We’ve returned and finally recovered from a great ProMat 2017.  The week we spent in Chicago was one of the best events Atlatl has ever attended. We loved meeting the leaders in the material handling industry and learning about the major changes happening industry-wide.

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Your sales team:  Mobile quoting and sales APPly.

    Q: What’s in an app? Would a website deliver the same experience?

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Unity developer certification. Check.

Earlier this week, 14 members of our development team piled into a passenger van and began a 4 hour drive to Raleigh, NC, where they would take the Unity Developer Certification exam. Unity is by far the biggest name in video game development holding roughly 47% of the market. The exam was hosted at the East Coast Game Conference, a three day event where game developers come together to share ideas and innovations in the industry. 

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