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My Startup Sense Interview with Marc Murphy

At Startup Sense, we interview startup founders and entrepreneurs. We chat with the people who are building, scaling, hiring and innovating.


Last week I was able to speak with Marc about Atlatl's sales platform that helps manufacturers and distributors across many different industries accelerate their sales efforts through better software. Their products have been specifically created to handle the complex needs of the industries they are targeting which they hope to expand in the near future. The company is based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.


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The 3 main reasons why everyone should attend GDC

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) takes place early March each year in San Francisco.  Game developers from all over the globe make the trek to learn about the latest techniques and innovations in more than 1,000 sessions throughout the week-long conference.  I’m the Manager of Emerging Technologies at Atlatl Software in Charleston, SC and I’ve been lucky enough to attend this event for five years running.  One of Atlatl’s core products, Quotebooks 3D, uses a video game engine at it’s core and our developers have backgrounds creating video games so it’s a very valuable event for our team.

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Lessons learned at the Sales GPS Summit, Vol. 1

We’re back from an amazing couple days in Austin at the Sales GPS Summit.  This event fostered awesome sessions and conversations with nearly 70 sales professionals and experts to learn about sales best practices. The amount of knowledge and the unbelievable conversations created a top-notch sales event, and honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever attended- I recommend any sales rep to attend this next year. Personally, as the youngest (millennial) in the room I feel like I learned more in 2 days than I would have in 2 years in this industry.

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Sales is changing... Are you?

It seems like yesterday that I left my comfort zone in the field of Microbiology and crossed over into the world of software sales...quite the leap yes, but also the best move of my life. My first software sales position consisted of toting around the largest yellow page book I could find in every area that was within a 6 hour driving distance of my company, manually mining every contact at every company I could find and proceed to cold call, cold call, cold call. Did I mention cold call? Side note: I knew I had officially arrived when I could cold call from my brand new Blackberry :)

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Choosing an industry-focused versus an all-in-one sales platform (Infographic)

Today, choosing an industry-focused sales solution can help your company grow and succeed since it’s highly tailored for your specific business function. Most companies recognize the need to satisfy their specific business needs, but instead invest in large, clunky ERP or “all-in-one” solutions that aren’t built to help with their daily pain points.

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5 ways to pick the right CRM for you

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Ben Franklin

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Why sales reps need a best-of-breed quoting software

In today’s business world, there are different types of technologies that can change the way your organization operates. Software enables employees to increase efficiency, eliminate manual errors and capture better insights into their business processes. However, with every technical evaluation there are a few things to think about:

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Why a CRM is a revenue generator, not a cost

Where does your revenue come from? Your customers, of course. That’s why using a CRM software to nurture them is your best method to keeping your revenue stream alive and healthy. 

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