The future of manufacturing & distribution sales.

Atlatl (aht-laht-l)
One platform for manufacturers & distributors to visually quote and sell.

Sales is changing. Partner with us to win.

Built for Your Business  

Our tools are created specifically for the challenging needs and complex sales processes of manufacturing and distribution companies.

End-to-End Sales Solution

We streamlined and automated the entire sales process so you can instantly translate 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) configurations into quotes and close more deals.

 Visual Configurations

Our tools allow you to create visual configurations with accurate quoting to increase your conversion rates dramatically.


All the tools you need in one Place:

QuoteBooks is our sales enablement suite that helps companies accurately quote and track their activity throughout the entire sales process.

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Detailed Configurations

Quickly create 2D, 3D and AR configurations based on your specific engineering rules.

Dynamic Quotes

Instantly generate beautiful quotes with your specific pricing.

Collaborative Tools

Efficiently manage your sales pipeline from lead to close. All on your mobile device.

Integrated Sales Channels 

Digitally share pricing information and receive pipeline data from your distribution network.

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