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hp_srpAtlatl Product Sales Configurator is the first of its kind Sales Resource Planning (SRP) tool that actually puts technology in the service of your business. By harnessing a wide array of emerging technologies, Atlatl Software will accelerate your sales, increase profits and strengthen your bottom line.

  • ICON Configure your product while still on your first sales visit.
  • ICON Collect valuable real time sales data for powerful production forecasting.
  • ICON Complete quotes with specifications and engineering drawings instantly.
  • ICON Improve your bottom line by increasing quotation volume and decreasing cost per sale.
  • ICON Everything you need to close more deals in minutes, not weeks.
  • ICON Installing and maintaining our cloud based software saving thousands.



Double Check your Numbers

As a quick double-check, compare your Estimated Annual Sales calculation to your Actual Annual Sales or most recent sales numbers.

Estimated Annual Sales

If the numbers are substantially different, go Back and adjust your data.

If your Estimated Annual Sales is correct, simply click Next.